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Vinothini B

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In this blog we are going to see how to integrate rollbar with rails application.

What is Rollbar:

Rollbar helps to take control of errors in application. It collects and analyzes errors on web and mobile applications, so you can find them faster. It installs as a small library to detect errors and collect information about each errors or warnings. Collaborative user will get alert for new entry (errors or warnings) on rollbar dashboard for related project. It gives tools to understand, reproduce and fix issues. Rollbar have plans and pricing. For free use we can get 3,000 occurrences per month for 30 days retention.

Steps to integrate Rollbar with rails application.

Step 1: Create an account in Rolllbar. Please signup at
Step 2: After login you can see dashboard of rollbar
Step 3: Click “First Project” in menu (top left)
Step 4: Click “Rename Project” button and rename the project.
There is a “General” section, where you can rename, add description, change timezone and time format for the application.
Step 5: Invite team members: Add people to get alert when there is an error or warning in the application.
This will help the developers a lot to understand the bug and fix the issue.
Step 6: Click “Set Up a Notifier” button, where there will be options to select the programming language and steps to setup rollbar in our application.
Step 7: I am going to setup rollbar for my rails application. So I am selecting ruby from the left side menu
Step 8: Now you can see the steps to integrate rollbar in the application.
Step 9: Add Rollbar in your “Gemfile” by gem install rollbar
Step 10: Login to your server then do bundle install, there is an option in config/rollbar.rb, where you can setup, in which environment you want to activate rollbar.
Step 11: Run “rails g rollbar access-token
That’s it. We are done 🙂 Now restart your application.
Then login to your Rollbar account to see the occurrences 🙂

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