Best 6 coding languages to use for your next application development

Surendran Sukumaran

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The world we know today is influenced greatly by people who create, design, build, and or program and we call these fellows Creators and Engineers. However, one such field of these engineers is special as these people don’t build machines instead they create the algorithm that makes these machines work, algorithms that we call Software.

We have come a long way now and the software that we use has constantly undergone changes, giving us a variety of options to choose from. So, hence it would be only suitable if we were to list the top five promising coding languages that are best suited for our next application development.

No6. PHP what now?

When considering a suitable programing language for custom web application development it is a good choice to consider PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor), given that it is open-source is free to be used by everyone, and has little or no restrictions hardware or software wise.

There are a few positives of using this language the most important of which is that it can support subject-oriented development however it does not necessarily have to focus on that particular task alone. Apart from that since the PHP code is quite older than the others it has an extensive user base and countless different mainframes and apart from this, the debugging process is much easier comparatively.

No.5 Python keeps a firm grip…

Python is a really good option for programming languages the reason primarily being the ease of accessibility that makes it available to a wide user base. Apart from that, it is easy to understand and compared to other programming languages, if such a situation were to arise due to some unforeseen reason.

The software presents a good starting point for beginners who wish to walk in the field of programming and if one were to pursue data sciences then the necessity of python rises. The other use of python is it is used in the engineering process of automated outputs which is one of its key uses and a very important one at that.

No.4 C++ old-school coding

Now so far all the different coding languages that we have seen are compatible with both mobile and web applications however if you were to pick the best choice for custom mobile application development then, the right choice would be to use C++ as its the most compatible when it comes to android based applications.

However, there is the requirement of the NDK that is necessary for the implementation of this code since it cannot be run solely by the C++ language. Apart from all this, the flaw is the unavoidable fact of its lack of flexibility that may cause some issues but is not considered as a major one & it cannot be scratched.

No.3 Kotlin, you heard it right

So Kotlin is a free open-source programming language that is easily accessible for developers. Given that it was initially developed for the JVM (Java Virtual Machine) however, it’s a pretty simple programming language that is suitable to use in terms of designing a custom android application.

One of the greatest benefits is that it’s cross-platform and is statistically typed which allows us to receive a clear idea as to whether the set variables are processable. Hence this eases the process for the developer and prevents any errors in the code.

No.2 Javascript, the real deal

Most coding languages are used for the back-end coding of a particular application but hey, when it comes to javascript it likes to stand out and by that, I mean quite literally! Javascript is an HTML coding language that is used by the front-end programmer for their uses and is easy to learn and use, hence making it a good option for developers. 

Today a common usage of this is Node Js, which is a javascript-based code that provides a runtime environment to help out in the process of server-side scripting, and this same code can be used via the client-side as well making it easy for both to provide excellent output that is dynamic and effective.

No.1 The one and only Java

Before we get into this we should clear the ground of any confusion by clearly stating that although Javascript and Java have the same initial lettering this does not make it the same or similar in any sort of way.

Java while although slightly old is extremely stable and is used by most if not all of the big organizations and is extremely compatible and important for a developer to know of this. Aside from that, it is used in android applications the reason simply is its easy compatibility.

Some describe it as the language used to create objects in programming but that’s not its only use. Java is perfect for those who wish to start programming and is an excellent medium for one to create applications.

There you have it! The top 6 coding languages that you should choose for your next application development in a nutshell. This is not the end and we have many more to come so stay tuned for more!

Happy Coding!

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