COVID-19: A Boon in Disguise (A different Analysis)

Thulasi M

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For the past few months, the COVID-19 outbreak has shaken the entire world. With the whole world coming to a stand-still, the anxiety is nerve-racking. Still, the entire world hopes that we will get rid of the Corona cloud and move back to a regular lifestyle soon.

But, I wish to share a few unbelievable facts that we forgot to notice during this Corona season.  Just to recollect from our school days social science subject, from Stone Age till today it’s believed that man is a social animal and strongly believed that a colonial life is safe and best for a human race but CORONA changed the myth completely. Social distancing is the only way to survive the human race.

We are in the 20th century world, and countries were competing with each other in showcasing their capability in investing in satellites, Technologies, nuclear bombs, etc… But, the first time, even the developed country was standing with empty hands without knowing how to face COVID-19 which made a new upside-down history.

Historical breakthrough after Corona

Ok, let’s see some first-time history breakthrough of corona achievements.

First time, cities are away from pollution, silent and able to hear sounds of nature in the middle of techno cities. A strong positive sign against global warming.

The first time, people started realizing that village life is safe and secure than the city and started moving too.

First time, family members are able to stay at home and spend time together. Our 20th century youth who gets a chance to recall their parents only on father’s day and mother’s day posting in social network sites were able to sit and eat together at home now.

The first time, rich and poor are treated in the same manner. Even you have a crore of money for treatment, there is no use.

The first time, no unnecessary shopping, weekend malls, theatre, get-together, online shopping, salon-spa, pubs, parties, etc. People started to eat to live and live to survive.

The first time, temples, churches, mosques…all religious communities were closed. Only humanity stands still to save each other.

The first time, wild animals stepped into city borders, city people were able to hear bird’s sounds, feel fresh air, and more. City got refreshed by nature and completely away from pollution and hazards.

and the list goes on…

In spite of coronavirus and lockdown had disturbed our social life a lot but still, a life occupied with masks, sanitizers, healthy foods, etc. should be treated as a good change only. To be more specific to Indians,

Even though COVID-19 stands as a threat to the human community, this virus broke down a lot of myths that we blindly believed as a good for human life as such.

Considering the lessons learned during this corona period, I hope we can expect a better and healthy society in the future.

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