COVID-19: A Boon in Disguise (A different Analysis)

For the past few months, the COVID-19 outbreak has shaken the entire world. With the whole world coming to a stand-still, the anxiety is...
Thulasi M
1 min read

Singles aren’t a Super Survivor at Quarantine?

COVID19: The virus teaches us the greatest lessons. And also it teaches me, How to fight the crisis all alone? Yes, Today is my...
karthick Nagarajan
3 min read

My first ever FreshHuddle

As a blessing in disguise, we are able to make our extended presence with family and devote quality time in this outbreak.  I appreciate...
Dhivya M
3 min read

How Spritle manage and survive the pandemic

I hope everyone is safe during this worst unexpected pandemic situation.Hearing the problem of the COVID-19, many companies started shutting down their office asking...
Surendran Sukumaran
1 min read