Singles aren’t a Super Survivor at Quarantine?

karthick Nagarajan

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COVID19: The virus teaches us the greatest lessons. And also it teaches me, How to fight the crisis all alone?

Yes, Today is my successful 50th-day of being quarantined. Here I’m gonna share my experience during the lockdown days. This is not about being single vs married. This is about Quarantine vs Me and How I am fighting against it?

A quick introduction about me, I am  Karthick Nagarajan, an IT guy, working in Chennai.
My native is Namakkal & my family members are living there. My usual way of visiting my hometown is twice a month. But now, I couldn’t travel anywhere, due to the COVID19 lockdown.

Let’s see how I am passing my days with this loneliness!

The first time I heard about COVID-19 was in the mid of February. The whole world was talking about coronavirus. Every news channel and social media were posting about COVID-19. All the industries were preparing themselves for this lockdown. Initially, One of India’s biggest IT COMPANY announced to shut down all its branches and to ‘Work From Home’. At that time India’s total affected people due to Corona Virus were just 29.

Then slowly all companies and industries were shutting down and try to connect remotely. Likewise, My office(Spritle) also announced Work From Home to all the employees in the mid of March. Hence people were trying to move to their native place including my roommates. People crowded in the bus stands and railway stations. That day looked scary giving way to a drastic spread of the virus. Consequently, there was an increase in COVID positive cases in our state and obviously that count became 2000 in India.

So I avoided traveling to my native. Also I realised it would be difficult to work in my native. After giving second thought, I felt like staying here considering hotels and shops might be available in this Greater Chennai City. I wish everything to be alright in a couple of weeks.

On March 22nd, the first-time Indian government announced a one-day lockdown “Janta Curfew” throughout the country.

I was preparing myself for this one-day lockdown. I bought some provisions & groceries. And my bad, they announced that they had extended the lockdown until April 14th. I was shocked by hearing that news. I realized I made the wrong decision of not going to my native. Later I started preparing my mind of how to survive against corona lockdown.

Yes, I was preparing myself to fight alone during the Quarantine. This is a complicated situation. Because I got to work, at the same time, I need to cook, wash, clean my room, etc 🙁 No one’s gonna help me and I am the only one for me now.

I started planning and prioritizing,

  • How many grocery items do I have?
  • When I am going to buy it again?
  • What is my cooking time?
  • When am I gonna work?
  • When am I gonna chat with my friends?
  • When am I gonna sleep?

On April 14th, Again Indian Government extended the lockdown until May 3rd. Did you know this is almost House arrest, right? Yes, we all were house arrested by Corona 😉 If I try to come out of my room. The cops were waiting outside my room. If they find me, they will kick my ASS.

During the quarantine period, I faced unfortunate moments 🙁 My birthday and My mom’s birthday.

How I was celebrating my birthday

I won’t forget 5th April 2020. Loneliest birthday ever in my life. Proud that I was one among Quarantine’s birthday babies. I don’t know its good or bad, But it was an unforgettable day. I had a plan to celebrate this birthday with my mother, since 2015. I didn’t get a chance to celebrate along with her. This year as well I Missed it. But, I got my parent’s and friend’s blessing via video call 🙂 Thanks to the inventor of video calling.

Work from home turns into a Learn From Home

To abide by the rule of the Government and my office decision, I was working in my room. It is not like an ordinary ‘Work From Home’. This time it was a bit different. I mean, This process gonna be continued until June or maybe July, we don’t know it right now? Other than that,

All is well and I really feel good 🙂

Initially, I doubted whether I would get free time. But I started planning and organizing my things during this lockdown. I freed my time, during which I have done some interesting things like planting indoor saplings and water them daily.

Learning IoT things

And I found that I am interested in IoT stuff. So I started learning IoT. If you want to know how I got inspired to learn IoT? I highly suggest reading this blog 🙂 I utilized these lockdown days in learning new things. So I was spending quality time on IoT with Arduino and to write some blogs and also video blogs as well.

Video calls with my friends and my family

I am 100% sure of one thing, I never felt alone during the quarantine like I was thinking initially. And all the credits are owned by my friends and my family. Every morning, I will make a video call with my family and relatives. The same way with my friends in the evening as I made sure I should not disturb their work hours too 🙂 

So this is my new normal and I feel good about it.
I will keep fighting alone with COVID-19 🙂

It’s a Pity to see the current increase in the count: 
Total count across the globe: 4,181,218
Total count across our country: 67,259


Thanks for the image sources: Sheik Fareed and Sasi Kumar

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