How Spritle manage and survive the pandemic

Surendran Sukumaran

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I hope everyone is safe during this worst unexpected pandemic situation.
Hearing the problem of the COVID-19, many companies started shutting down their office asking people not to come to the office, Yes we took this decision a little early, but we had multiple meetings on how we are going to handle this situation officially and financially.

I know working from home won’t be an option for many industries, luckily IT industry has the option of doing this, Initially, we thought to try this for a week asking 50% of the team to WFH and we realized many people are not interested in working from home, but the situation became so bad that we decided to shut down. We had multiple questions when we took this decision
1. Will everyone be committed to work?
2. Will they have a stable internet connection?
3. What if they travel to native town?
4. Will they be able to participate in sprint planning, attend meetings on a regular basis on so on.

Now we have the answer, things are happening as usual, everyone is so much committed to their work beyond the current panic situation and handling their family, kids and work altogether.

Many of our projects are making proper sprint planning, planned releases and all the processes we followed and the ownerships taken by the team members really helping when the entire team is working remotely.

Here are some of our internal and client meeting screenshots that are taken.

When we all were at the office, we don’t worry much about the status that’s been posted, since we all work very closely, now our stand bot is very much useful.
Our team use to have a standup meeting every morning, it is not just a standup call but we do also spend time having a casual talk and a status meeting at the end of the day.

My hangout meet is very busy these days with meetings, we are extensively using them, thanks to Hangout Meet and Zoom .

We as a company feel positive and confident that we are able to run the entire company operations sitting remotely. Thank you, everyone at Spritle for making this.

Please stay safe at home, Let’s hope for the best and pray God to give us the strength to overcome the current situation and help other industries to find a way to run their operations.

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