Create Typo3 Restricted Pages

Sivakumar V

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Lets see how we can create Restricted pages using Typo3

  1. creating user and user-groups
  2. creating restricted access pages
  3. creating login form and configuration.

Creating user and user-groups:
First, create the user-group e.g(test:group),then create user belongs to test:group (e.g test)

Create restricted access pages:
Create pages which needs access, additionally under access tab, select the user group. now the page become restricted to selected group.

Creating login form and configuration:
create the login page and insert login form which comes with typo3 by default. Following image will describe the configuration for login form.

  • Edit the login form plug-in, under General tab starting point should be sys-folder which having user and user-group


  • Under Redirect options select appropriate values
  • After successful login redirect to page: ( will be redirected to this page after login )
  • After login with error redirect to page: (will be redirected to this page if error got any errors, select login page itself)
  • After logout redirect to page: (will be redirect to this page once logout , select any normal page )

select following values under redirect modes

  • after logout(TS or flexform)
  • after login(TS or flexform)
  • after login Error(TS or flexform)

Now restricted access pages will work as expected.

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