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Is Portainer Docker Application Good Enough For WMS Deployments?

Our warehouse management application managing deliveries of more than 300K of electronic parts from different providers. We started looking for a deployment tool...
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How To Make Docker Work On Fedora OS 31 With CGroups V2?

My friends think me I use Ubuntu but predominantly I use Fedora. Noting Fedora 31 is released, I quickly upgraded from 30 to 31....
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Querying JSON with PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL provide powerful operator and methods to process JSON data. I have taken mock data to explore different operators and methods. Before proceed make...
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Use Docker as Rails Development Environment

Docker container can be used effectively as a rails development environment. Lets create new rails application with Docker and docker-compose.
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Build and Run Rails Application with Docker and Docker Compose

Docker compose is a tool for running multi-container docker application. Container configuration are maintained easily with docker compose. Before proceed, know basics of docker...
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Monitor Sidekiq up or down with Shell Script

Here is one simple shell script to check whether sidekiq process is running or not and then restart it. I am sure many of...
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Secure API with JWT (JSON Web Token)

I have recently come across JSON Web Token (JWT) which is pronounced as ‘jot’. So what is JWT? Here is the definition that I...
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How To Enable MySQL For Remote Access

We started using Qlik Views for our customers and we were in need of connecting to remote MySQL server for Data analytics. By default...
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Auto find Stack overflow links when exception raised in Rails

When we get exception, we used to search in Google and most of the links will be from stackoverflow. Gem stack_rescue will find links...
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Apache Cordova with Intel AppFramework

We recently built an App using Intel App framework with Apache Cordova. Thought to share it with you all the steps I followed. We...
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Disable Multi-login by Single User

I was trying to disable multi login for single user using devise authentication and came up with this solution. Thought it may help someone.
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Connect Rails 4 With Microsoft SQL Server Database

I spent a while to find a solution for connecting Rails 4 with MS SQL Server database. Later I found a quick and easy...
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