Is Portainer Docker Application Good Enough For WMS Deployments?

Sivakumar V

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Our warehouse management application managing deliveries of more than 300K of electronic parts from different providers. We started looking for a deployment tool that can handle our application running on Docker.

Scanning, shipping, and delivery is a day to day activity which will make the warehouse busier. Every electronic part has a barcode and warehouse in-charge walk around with a barcode scanner and capture it and send it to the warehouse.

On the other side, the delivery manager take off the items from the warehouse and make it ready for the delivery. Keep all these pointers in mind, we planned our deployment. We had a discussion with a cup of coffee and decided to go explore different deployment tools including Portainer.

After a week, the output of our exploration is Portainer which solves our problem. Portainer is a nice tool to manage the docker swarm cluster. Here is the why. We asked the following questions to ourselves before picking Portainer.

Is it possible to active zero downtime with Portainer?

Yes. We are running 10 instances and 2 instances will be updated on time. Finally, all will be updated without downtime.

Does it allow scaling without interrupting services?

Yes. At any time, scaling is possible considering that the server has enough resources.

Does it provide UI?


Does it provide Autoscaling?

Not direct Yes to this question. With little shell script, we achieved this.

Finally, we picked up Portainer. The beauty of the Portainer is it can manage clusters remotely.

This is our Portainer dashboard.

With Portainer we achieved the following.

  1. Easy to deploy
  2. Easy to Scale
  3. Monitoring services
  4. Notify deployment success/failure
  5. Add a new Endpoint with ease.

Following screenshot shows services scaling.

Also, it allows configuring the registry.

Our warehouse application running successfully and our customers are happy with application availability & reliability.

Please do share your feedback. Happy reading. 🙂

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