Easy Way To Deploy Motorola SB1 Apps

Sivakumar V

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Deploying apps on SB1 is not straight forward unless you are familiar with Motorola Rapid deployment or your customer is techie. Its not advisable to instruct your customer to install ActiveSync/MobileDevice Center and then copy the apps files for deployment.
We have an easy choice to deploy apps on SB1 by simply using the existing feature of SB1. SB1 got a default app called FTPClient. Lets simply use that for deploying apps by supplying a .cab file to it.
Lets see how ?

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What you need ?:

  • Visual Studio 2008
  • Your HTML5 apps for SB1

Generate .cab file:
Create new “Setup and deployment” project in VS 2008 and select “Smart Device CAB project”. Add new custom folder with name “UserDrive”.
[vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text] Create “config” and “apps” folder under “UserDrive” and paste config.js and apps.json under “config” folder. Also paste your “Hello World” application inside “apps” folder .
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[source language=””]
“name”: “FTP Client”,
“url”: “/Application/www/apps/ftp/index.html”
“name”: “Inventory”,
“url”: “/UserDrive/apps/HelloWor/index.html”
[source language=””]
config.apps.src = ‘/UserDrive/config/apps.json’;
config.debugInfo = true;
Then, build the application using Solution explorer in VS 2008, it will generate .cab file inside project’s Debug directory.
Install .cab into SB1:
SB1 FTPInstall

  1. Upload .cab file into your FTPSever.
  2. Open the SB1 and click the app FTPClient
  3. Enter the IPAddress/Filename/username/password of your FTP server.
  4. Click “Get” will download the cap file to SB1 and then click “Run” will install apps in SB1.
  5. This will install “Hello World” application in SB1. Restart you SB1 see the apps.

Have fun.
Add comment if you got any questions on this topic.

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