Getting started with AI & ML

Syed Irfaan

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The introduction of AI has revolutionized the way the world works. It has quite literally caused a huge stir in the technological world but for the better or worse? we’ve got no idea.

The first-ever idea of AI that was shown to us was in the form of visual media, in other words through movies. We all remember Tony Stark (AKA Ironman) Bossing around his AI companion called Jarvis but then who knew that fiction would one day be a reality that we would be able to experience?

Breaking it down to what is AI & what is ML? And how we see the difference between both. AI (Artificial Intelligence) by itself is brilliant enough but with ML (Machine Learning) the world is in for a treat. The combination of both these factors can ensure the development of the tech industry by a huge margin. Both of these complement each other in such a way that the flaw of their individuality is eliminated. How so?

Well because ML can gather knowledge by constantly using algorithms provided to it. Now AI gathers knowledge too but not through algorithms rather through what it hears and analyses from the outside and the content that it is provided.

So in this way, it eliminates the issues faced by each other hence no matter how you look at they complement each other to enable efficient productivity and a suitable outcome.

How AI changed the world– AI is the future of technology. It is the pinnacle of man-made creations that can truly revolutionize the way we think, it can make tough tasks easier and easy tasks effortless, be it in any industry or even at home.

The question that arises is, are we ready to take that massive leap of relying on something that is self-reliant yet is something that is designed by us humans who are always reliant on something or the other?

For instance, be it using a crane to lift heavy objects, well instead of the task can be done via AI-operated bots that would do the task faster and with much more ease. This way the cost and labor can be cut down by a good percentage which would greatly benefit the company and in consideration of home usage, wouldn’t it be much easier if AI could manage the grocery list process and keep a track of the family food consumption, budget tracking and much more.

Now talking about Machine Learning, it has been there for quite some time now and will go on to be there for quite some time. Considering all the alternatives it would be safe to assume that it would continue to exist no matter what the given situation was as it plays an important factor in the world of software. Needless to say, pairing it up with the flexible usage of AI would certainly open up a window of opportunity for its growth at the same time it plays an excellent role as a support medium.

While all this is said and done we have a clear image of what we can expect in the future of software development because this is but the beginning and there is much more to come.

While we managed to scratch the surface we are yet to hit the ocean bed.

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