Machine Learning

Exploring ML Kit Using Kotlin Multiplatform and Compose Multiplatform

Hey, there! Machine learning (ML) has become a key element of modern apps, improving user experiences with capabilities such as image recognition, natural language...
Muralitharan A
5 min read

Julia: The Rising Star of AI Programming Languages

Introduction: Have you ever wished for the readability of Python combined with the raw speed of C in a programming language? Julia might be...
Buvaneshwaran P
2 min read

Is Large Language Models (LLM) the future of AI?

People have needs for information and communication, both business needs and social needs, they largely achieve their goals by using the most marvelous invention...
Parthiban Marimuthu
3 min read

Getting started with AI & ML

The introduction of AI has revolutionized the way the world works. It has quite literally caused a huge stir in the technological world but...
Syed Irfaan
1 min read

Kalman Filters for Object Detection and Tracking

Hello everyone, let me start by asking you a question. Did you ever stay awake thinking of a problem and ways of solving it?...
2 min read

A to Z about YOLO Model Training

Hi everyone, I hope you all are safe and doing well! This is my first blog, there should always be a perfect reason to...
Parameswaran P
4 min read

Combining Models (Retinanet + Multiple Character Recognition) For License…

Hello everyone, when we were working on OCR I found myself wondering if there was an object detection based OCR model that would work...
3 min read

Edge AI: Darknet on Jetson Nano

Hello everyone, in this blog post I’m going to discuss my experiences and our work here at Spritle with, what’s considered the next wave...
2 min read

Machine Learning with Zero line of code

Yes, Teachable Machine makes AI easier for everyone! Do you think? Is it possible to make machine learning without a single line of code?...
karthick Nagarajan
2 min read

Preparing the Dataset for Deep Learning

A simple way to get images for your dataset Whenever we begin a machine learning project, the first thing that we need is a...
karthick Nagarajan
2 min read

2D Multi-Person Pose Estimation using Part Affinity Fields in…

Pose Estimation Hello everyone, did you ever wonder while working out or playing sports if you’re doing it the right way? if this is...
6 min read

How to train your Tiny-yoloV3 model in Google Colab

Google Colab offers free 12GB GPU enabled virtual machines for 12 hrs. If you are like me who couldn’t afford GPU enabled computer, Google...
Javeed Basha
2 min read