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5 Replies to “Google was 'inspired' by me ?”

  1. Sorry to break your bubble but that shadow thing you’re speaking about is one of the Material Design Guidelines by Google.
    So evidently you made an icon based on Material Design. That is why “the direction​of the shadow is the same”.
    But again you have blown up the colours in your icon which is not Material Design recommends.
    Please Google for ‘Material Design’. If you already knew it then you should know that your statement is invalid even before you stated it.
    Please stop making a fool of yourself… Peace 🙂

  2. I think you’re the one making a fool of yourself, Harsh. There are many other elements in the google design that coincide with the stolen design. You kind of have to be a fool not to see it.

  3. This cannot be denied just by saying that shadow been used so its material design kind of design.There is some creation other than the shadow. Which raises the doubt.

  4. Even I know that using lengthy shadow in a icon will look alike material design kind of thing.
    But using 3 circles and shadows in that particular way is what I doubt about.
    A logo with 5 circles can be designed in many ways, but creating a logo with 5 circles similar to Olympic symbol is something different, we cannot go just like that by saying circle is a common thing, because there is a creation and logic behind the circles, 5 circles represents 5 continents.
    Similarly there is a logic behind why I used 3 circles in my design…but what made google to use 3 circles ? Is there a logic or any connection between number 3 and Android O ?

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