How Much Does it Cost to Hire RoR Developers?


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Hey there! Are you someone on the quest to create a user-friendly web application? Let us guess!  You have a great idea, and you have decided to build your application using the Ruby on Rails framework, and now you are wondering how much it will cost to hire RoR developers!  As exciting as it might be to plot your developmental journey for your application, keep reading to find some of the best practices and tips in hiring RoR developers for your project in this blog post! Let’s get started! 

Ruby on Rails for your project! Let’s answer why!

Ruby on Rails, also called Rails, is an open-source framework that has evolved over the years to make web application development simple and easy. With several libraries and tools, it has the best ecosystem and an active community to make web app development quick. That said, what’s even more exciting is its versatility in building diverse web apps. You might have an E-commerce website, a Content Management System, or Online Marketplace in mind; it’s all feasible with Rails. Some of the reasons why Rails is still the best framework for web app development include:

An incredible MVC Architecture that adds flexibility to the framework,

A set of conventions, libraries, and tools to help developers to streamline the developmental process,

It’s an open-source framework with free access to source code.

High scalability it offers for the applications built, etc., 

While these are the primary reasons that make Ruby on Rails one of the best choices for web app development, according to Techjury, currently, we have about 3.7 million active websites that run on RoR! And given the affinity developers have for this framework(about 60% of them love using RoR), it’s no wonder hiring skilled RoR developers is a growing need and challenge for entrepreneurs and companies. So, what are the hiring models we have today to hire RoR developers, and how should you start looking for them? Keep reading!

Hiring Models for Onboarding RoR Developers

There are several hiring models to onboard your dream team of RoR developers. And knowing about these models will help you understand your needs and finalize the cost of developing your project. So, without further adieu, let’s dive into the hiring models you can leverage! 

In-house Hiring

In-house hiring is a hiring model that allows a company to hire an indigenous team to develop its project and improve periodically. From contributing to the product growth to the company’s growth, an in-house team of RoR developers assists the company at every step. 

Some ways of hiring an in-house team include attending hackathons, and tech conferences, connecting with a recruitment agency, and getting referrals from your friends. 

Hiring Freelancers 

With a well-outlined project description, you can hire freelance RoR developers to assist you. Companies deploy freelancers to take care of short-term projects involving a limited- budget. You can look for freelance RoR developers on sites like Upwork, Toptal, etc., 

Staff Augmentation

When a company connects with an outsourcing agency to onboard RoR developers for its project, it’s called staff augmentation. Using this hiring model, companies directly manage and communicate with the developers. From an in-depth understanding of the developer’s profile to a seamless vetting process, staff augmentation is an effective model for hiring skilled developers. 

Tips & Best Practices for Hiring RoR Developers

It takes one good team with an eye for tech-savviness and in-depth knowledge of RoR trends to build robust RoR applications. Therefore, when hiring RoR developers, what are the tips and best practices you can leverage to hire RoR developers? Let’s explore!

Define Your Needs and Requirements: 

Defining your project needs is crucial as it will unveil its scope and size. From giving you insights into the skillset of developers to streamlining the vetting process, stating your needs is where you start your quest. 

Look Into the Profile 

After posting your needs on job boards, meticulously look into the developers’ profiles you come across and ensure a comprehensive vetting process to shortlist them for doing your project. 

Defining the skillset 

Defining the developer’s skillset is one of the best practices for hiring RoR developers. It helps to optimize the vetting process for interviewing the developers and opens the door to getting the best team for your project. Here, we have compiled a list of skills to look for in the profiles:

Soft Skills

Problem-solving skills, 

Attention to detail,

Ability to work in a team, 

Communication Skills

Technical Skills
Proficiency in Ruby on Rails

Front-End Development Skills

Database ManagementProblem-Solving Skills

Expertise in writing clean, maintainable, and efficient code

So, with the project scope and the developer’s skillset defined, all that’s left is to onboard the RoR developer through an interview! 

How Much Will it Cost to Hire RoR Developers?

Every RoR project will need a versatile team of developers with varying technical expertise and professional edge to build the best web applications. And based on your needs, the cost keeps changing. That said, for an approximate estimation of the cost to hire your dream team of developers, ensure to define the following: 

The idea behind your project,

The features and functionalities you want, 

Size of the team you hire,

Experience and Expertise of the developers needed,

The location from where you hire your RoR developers, etc., 

So, the cost of onboarding RoR developers in India starts from roughly 2,500 dollars. 

Spritle for Hiring Ruby on Rails Developers 

Given the vast possibility of building web applications with the RoR framework, several RoR development companies also have pricing models to help you find the right team. 

At Spritle, we have the most dedicated and experienced Ruby on Rails developers to assist you at every step of developing your web app. Our pricing model starts from 2500 dollars and adheres to give you a cost-effective approach.  From MVP development to post-maintenance and support, our team of RoR developers has a knack for bringing an innovative and trendy curve to your project. Learn more about our RoR Development Services here. 


So, readers! We hope you got insights into hiring RoR developers for your project in this blog. That said, with top companies like Shopify, GitHub, Zendesk, etc., using Ruby on Rails, it is still one of the best frameworks to build your web app! 

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