Rhodes 3.3.x Supports Motorola Rhoelements and Android ET1

Sivakumar V

34 sec read

Rhodes team recently released 3.3.1 version which got support for RhoElements (Motorola Windows Mobile sdk with device specific features) and also for Android ET1.

The sample app “Barcode for Motorola devices” looks interesting and we started trying that out.
The other recent feature is WebKit browser for Motorola devices. We planning to try that as well using Windows Mobile Emulator.
Rhomobile team also released the rhoelements gem (gem install rhoelements — pre). We just skimmed through the source to understand it further. We will try to write a blog about it as well.
Here is the release notes for Rhodes 3.3.1 from Rhomobile team.

  • Integration with RhoElements v2 to suppport Motorola devices
  • Add Ruby Encoding constants
  • MapView improvements on all platforms
  • Android: support SDK 4.0 and NDK r7
  • iPad2: fix camera issue
  • Contacts: add filter parameters for iPhone and Android
  • Support update RhoBundle on iPhone and Windows Mobile
  • Blackberry: support multiple simulators with one JDE
  • Blackberry: support JQueryMobile on Blackberry 6 and later with full browser mode
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