Some good front-end tools for xml based applications

Balaji D Loganathan

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If you are looking for a simple tool which can read, edit, modify the xml content as well as exchange the xml content with other partners and machines, then I would say the best tools I found so far were Microsoft Infopath and Adobe LiveCycle Designer.

While one part of world is going towards browser based user-intefaces, their exists many, who still prefer a non-browser based plug-n-play tool which can do start their job while offline and finish it while online.
Many companies have requirements which is not letting them to have browser based document storage and exchange.

Microsoft Infopath and Adobe LiveCycle Designer plays a major role in xml based document exchange solutions. Both has toolbox to create user input form based on xml schema. While MS Infopath uses .NET as backend code, Adobe Forms Designer uses Javascript as backend code.

Both tool can be configured to use webservices. Email, xml validation, input validation, input driven events etc., were also available.

Before you start writing your own tool, its worth looking at them. MS Infopath cost around $200. Adobe LiveCycle Designer is $400.

Please note: This is my personal view and dont start blaming me for any issues.

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4 Replies to “Some good front-end tools for xml based applications”

  1. Hi Balaji

    I got few doubts regading xml relate things.(I do have little knowledge of XML – worked in DOM)
    When I open radio.javaranch, I see a summary of blogs.
    Under your blog I see “RSS” “RDF” “Atom”.
    I like to know what these terms mean. I often see these terms RSS feeds, RSS Digest. Could be please explain them for me.

    I appreciate your help.


  2. Hi balaji,
    i think u can help me out.iam doing a project in which i struck with this problem , i have to take the user request(website) and i have to access it and again send it to user.Here i have to send only required information of website to user so iam playing a intermediate role between user and website .so plz tel me how to proceed.

  3. Hi Krish,
     I couldnt able to fully undersatnd your requirement.
    Please feel free to fully elaborate your requirement, then I can able to tell whether XML based smart client can be of helpful to you.



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