SpriteXchange 23rd December 2013

Karthik A K

28 sec read

Hello Folks,
We are happy to announce that we have restarted the Tech talk culture here at Spritle. Its called SpriteXchange. The last talk took place on 23rd December 2013. Its open to anyone who walks into our office and is held currently on Mondays.
Last session saw Sivakumar giving a talk on his early work with Raspberry Pi, Steve Robinson giving a talk on Arduino.
Quite a breadth of stuff we are covering here at Spritle.
Next week’s talk on 2nd Jan 2014 will be on Node.js and Amplify.js and the basics of Scala. Do contact Spritle if you wanna attend it, and learn something. And of course if you can talk, that would be great.
Here are the Slides:

Sivakumar’s presentation on Raspberry Pi (pdf)

Steve’s presentation on Arduino for Developers()


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