API (Demo)

What surprised me about Freshworks SDK and APIs!

Hello all 🙂 I am Rajeswaran, a Full-stack web developer in Spritle Software. Before joining this company, I had no prior knowledge of Freshworks...
Rajeswaran A
2 min read

How to build an API driven chrome extension

Developing chrome extension is fun. With the help of chrome extensions we can add more functionality to our web page or browser, we can...
Prabakaran Marimuthu
2 min read

Export PDF or HTML from Apiary.io

Apiary.io help you to design, prototype, document and test APIs collaboratively as a team. If you ever want to share the API documentation with...
Balaji D Loganathan
16 sec read

Testing Restful APIs using Airborne gem

Nowadays the importance of Restful APIs has increased a lot for web and mobile apps. Writing API has been made easier and pretty good...
2 min read

Using Facebook Realtime Updates in Ruby on Rails

Recently I got chance to try Facebook real time API in one of our project. Realtime Updates enables applications to subscribe to changes in...
Rajeswari K
2 min read

Ruby Tips 10: Using Devise Gem for API Token…

Ok. If you have already read the Devise gem wiki, you wouldn’t be seeing this, if not here is the simple way to do...
Surendran Sukumaran
27 sec read