Top 5 Visited Blogs on RhoMobile At Spritle Software

Balaji D Loganathan

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Here are the top 5 visited blogs on RhoMobile published by Spritle’s staff. Stats based pixelstats analysis plugin.

  1. Run HighCharts in RhoMobile (iPhone, iPad and Android)

    I like HighCharts and used it for one of our project. I wanted to use HighCharts in Rhomobile mobile applications and thought I would give it a whirl.

  2. Consume SOAP Service from RhoMobile (iPhone, Android, WM and so on) apps

    We wanted to consume simple SOAP based web services from the iPhone, Android applications using RhoMobile framework. We dont want to use Savon as it got too much dependency to become rhodes-ruby extension.
    Just thought lets write the raw soap client without using SOAP gems.

  3. Github with coderwall Application in Rhomobile

    I recently tried to integrate github and coderwall in rhomobile application. Using github oauth we can authenticate user and show the following details of user and coderwall patches of user

  4. Create NFC Apps Using RhoMobile

    We just finished creating an NFC capable app using Rhomobile and here is our blog about it. By the way this is second blog do encourage me to write more.

  5. Consume Rails RESTful CRUD from RhoMobile App (iPhone, Android)

    Thought I would share a sample RhoMobile (for iPhone and Android) app that consumes a remote RoR based RESTful services.
    It can handle Create, Read, Update and Delete from RhoMobile itself.

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