Top Server Choices For Streaming Video

Balaji D Loganathan

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We recently worked on a project that required to us to have online streaming video functionality. This streaming video would be then played by browser bases Players(Adobe Flex). We looked at various server options to stream the video.
Here is what we found.

Suggestion 1:
Our existing hosting provider said, they support both red5 and ffmpeg VPS server at $39 per month
Check for more details.
Suggestion 2:
Buy a Linux OS instance from for $19 per month.
You can install your own app server like Apache, Red5, ffmpeg and handle all tricks by yourself.
Suggestion 3:
Host the web content alone in Cirtex and Flash stuff in external flash media server like Influxis for around $99 per month.
Suggestion 4:
Buy Amazon EC2 + CloudFront + S3.
In EC2 you can create your own Linux OS Instance and then install your own app server like Apache, Red5 and ffmpeg.
In S3 you can store media files.
In ClouldFront you can handle geographical distribution of content.
It may cost $100+ per month.
Amazon also got a Red5Instance at some cost.
EC2: 1 instance = $72.0
Storage: 10GB = $1.5
Data transfer in AWS cloud: 10GB = $1.0
Data transfer out of AWS cloud: 100GB = $17
Total monthly AWS bills: $91.50
Suggestion 5:
Use itself. Costs $125 per month.
If you have any alternate suggestions, please let me know.

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  1. How to telecast live videos through website? should be accept slow net connections

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