User experience Testing (What Users Do & Why they Do it)

Lakshmi Priya

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Hi Folks ,

I would like to write about User Experience, the most concerned one for every app that we develop these days.

Most of them are still unfamiliar with the concept what user experience testing is. Here I explicit my thoughts about UX testing.

User Experience testing is the way to find aIVR-User-Experience-Testingnd fix user experience issues with your existing site or application. User Experience testing has several names – UX Testing, usability testing, and user testing to name a few. They all refer to the process of understanding What Users do and Why they do it.

WhatUsersDo – to make the whole process faster,easier and much cheaper.

Why We use User Experience Testing

  • The continuous test of every aspect of the business with real users to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction.
  • Usability testing which is in past, is very effective, time consuming and expensive. And now the user experience testing is faster, easier, cheaper for everyone.
  • It is an extremely effective way of helping us understand what we can do to improve our user experience and increase sales, build brand loyalty, and grow the number of customers coming to your website.

How it is going to help me?
You can see your website from the real users perspective.The objective is to find what users actually do with your application.What they think when they are in your website.What users are more interested in, when they are at application.We can observe the users view at first sight. It’s the best way to discover what works (so you can do it more), what doesn’t work, and WHY. Then use these insights to fix it.
Important User Experience testing idea to follow in website is:
Stop counting clicks
The Three-Click Rule is an unofficial website navigation rule that suggests the users should be able to find any information within a website using no more than three mouse clicks.
Many user experience (UX) professionals believe that users of a site will become frustrated and leave if they cannot find desirable content within the three clicks. Its the best way to reduce number of clicks applied in website and follow Three-Click Rule for User Experience Application.
The above mentioned point is more important in this rushing world where always people wanted to achieve their target in a minimal effort. Lets try to implement this simple but effective rule whatever app we develop and test. Any other interesting and helpful strategies other than this comes in your mind? Please share with us through your comments.

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