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How KeenQA can break your code and make you go nuts

Hey Folks, here I would like to share my experience on we revamped and composed ourselves better in our Internal QA process. We keep...
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Here come share an idea from the book about “50 Quick Ideas To Improve Your Tests”

Nowadays, Testing is made with frequently changing software under the determined time stress of short iterations in iterative delivery environment. With the understanding of...
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Mobile apps testing made easy with Appium Studio

“Appium testing made easy” is an Interactive One-hour Webinar. The Speaker had a great presentation. I got a chance to participate in this webinar....
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User experience Testing (What Users Do & Why they Do it)

Hi Folks , I would like to write about User Experience, the most concerned one for every app that we develop these days. Most...
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Responsive Layout Automation Testing using Galen Framework – Part-I Installation

Testing a responsive layout in the web pages across different browsers and mobile devices is hard. A web page that contains lots of pages...
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