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Welcome back, podcast enthusiasts! Today, we’re diving deep into the world of Vodex AI, where technology meets human-like interaction. In this SpritleTalks podcast episode, our trio – the ever-curious host Vaishnavi, the visionary Mano Raajashri, and the tech genius Abusheik – unravels the fascinating story behind Vodex AI and its game-changing technology

The Genesis of Vodex AI

Mano Raajashri kicks off our exploration, taking us on a trip down memory lane to the founding of Vodex AI in 2021. Anshul Shrivastava and Kumar Saurav, university batchmates turned entrepreneurs, brought over a decade of IT expertise and a shared passion for AI to the table. Their journey began with chatbot projects, evolving into the creation of Vodex AI, with a mission to revolutionize phone call experiences in  sales, customer onboarding, and beyond.

Human Voice AI – Paving the Way to Efficiency

Vodex AI introduces a groundbreaking solution, automating outbound calls through cutting-edge AI technology. Typically, we receive outbound calls for sales, marketing, Feedback appointment reminders.

Vodex AI handles it all seamlessly, making the manual outbound call process efficient and effective.

Who Benefits from Vodex AI?

As Mano Raajashri explains, it caters to a wide range of industries 

  • Sales, 
  • Marketing,
  • Companies,
  • Financial institutions, and 
  • Telecommunication companies

She Emphasizes the importance of automation in

  •  Healthcare clinics – appointment scheduling and reminders
  •  Telecommunications- It streamlines tasks like Maintenance updates, payment reminders, and more.

 Our host, Vaishnavi, points out how Vodex AI simplifies the layman’s work, and Mano Raajashri agrees with a resounding “yes.”

Mastering Human-Like Voices: Technical Revelation

Abusheik delves into the technical aspects, sharing the meticulous steps taken to ensure Vodex AI’s human-like voice doesn’t sound robotic. 

  • Data Preparation: Collect diverse data, including sales and marketing calls, messages and stats, covering various languages, speaking styles, and emotions.
  • Neural Pattern Recognition: Use a neural pattern to teach the AI human emotions and speech patterns, picking up on quality calls and training the model accordingly.
  • Model Training: Train the model with collected data and neural patterns, involving human evaluation. Fine-tune the model based on feedback, using the GPT architecture.

As Host – Vaishnavi poses a crucial question about content generation. 

     Abusheik clarifies that 

  • During the initial training phase, scripted elements are incorporated
  • However, the Post-training AI generates its own content, responding organically to customer interactions with a focus on scenarios and emotions, ensuring a more natural and dynamic conversation and thereby distinguishing it from scripted bot calls.

Vodex AI’s Tackling Annoyance and Robo-Call Perception

Mano Raajashri sheds light on potential risks, particularly 

  •  Customer annoyance   
  •  The perception of being just another robo-call

She underscores the importance of a data-driven approach, addressing timing, customer preferences, and history – a vital differentiator for Vodex AI in the market.

Host-Vaishnavi raises the stakes, questioning how Vodex AI plans to compete with established call centers in an environment where people are already annoyed by both robo-calls and human call centers.

Data-Driven Mastery: Gaining a Competitive Edge

Mano Raajashri endorses the data-driven approach for Vodex AI.

In contrast to manual calls, AI’s access to customer history, preferences, and budgets ensures personalized interactions, boosting engagement and competitive edge.

Host’s Curiosity: Vaishnavi turns to Abhu to elaborate on the one-to-one personalization achieved by Vodex AI

 Abusheik agrees with Mano Raajashri and details Vodex’s process involving Natural Language Processing (NLP):

  • NLP Processing: It analyzes text or voice, identifying keywords and understanding emotions.
  • Sentiment Analysis: It gauges customer satisfaction and adjusts responses accordingly.

Abusheik highlights integrations like WhatsApp, SMS, and CRM, enabling one-to-one personalization by fetching customer profiles. This ensures a seamless experience, blurring the line between bot and human calls.

Ethical Considerations: Vodex AI’s Responsible Approach

Vaishnavi brings up the crucial topic of ethical considerations in AI usage.

          Abusheik outlines its commitment to responsible AI, emphasizing data security, minimal information collection, and a balance between automation and human involvement.

The conversation takes a philosophical turn as host-Vaishnavi questions whether AI, with its human-like voice, could potentially manipulate humans. 

            Abusheik acknowledges the potential for manipulation with Vodex’s AI generating its own content. He stresses the importance of responsible AI development to maintain ethical standards.

Investment Insights: Vodex AI’s Appeal to VCs

Mano Raajashri points to the remarkable global market growth, projecting from $340 billion in 2020 to an estimated $496 billion in 2027. Emphasizing visionary leaders at 100X VC, specifically Mr. Sanjay and Mr. Sushant, she notes their inclination toward solving significant problems and supporting innovative startups. fitting into the growing market trend toward automation and voice technology, making Vodex AI an attractive prospect for 100X VC.

100X.VC Investment Thesis

100X.VC -Shashank Randev | Yagnesh Sanghrajka | Sanjay Mehta | Ninad Karpe | Vatsal Kanakiya

Vaishnavi turns to Abusheik for a broader perspective, asking why VCs, in general, are investing in AI-based platforms. 

       Abusheik highlights the success of startups, like Mid Journey, making $200 million without initial investors, showcasing AI’s potential. 

      He emphasizes the importance of startups addressing real problems, like Vodex AI streamlining scripted calls, and the need for a balanced understanding of AI’s capabilities and limitations

HereVaishnavi underlines the realistic benchmark of 97-98% accuracy in AI, urging investors to comprehend the rationale for optimal investment decisions.      


As we wrap up this insightful journey into Vodex AI, it’s clear that the trio – host vaishnavi, Mano Raajashri, and Abusheik has meticulously explored and unveiled the intricacies of this innovative AI platform.Vodex AI stands at the intersection of technology and empathy, promising a future where automated voice interactions seamlessly blend with the human touch. 

Stay tuned for more exciting episodes as we continue to explore the ever-evolving landscape of technology and its impact on our lives. 

Happy listening! And for a deeper dive into our discussions, watch our full podcast video our YouTube channel and do subscribe for more insights.

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