Vulnerabilities in your daily life mobile applications


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Well, let’s get these straight, mobile applications are now something we use in our day-to-day lives. For example, for booking cabs, we use applications like ola or uber and for food delivery, we use applications like swiggy and zomato.

Not only booking a cab or getting your favorite food at your doorstep but there are also many mobile applications that have actually replaced one physical product. To mention, many of us might have the habit of writing down our day-to-day expenditures in a notebook.

But now, we have enormous applications that incorporate the same feature to replicate the noting down the expenditures on a daily basis but even with extra add-ons, like giving monthly expenditures reports, suggestions on which areas one can reduce their spending, etc.

The point is that every function of our daily life has been made in such a way that everything that was earlier done physically now only requires a few touches or even possibly a call out to one of those AI assistants. Well, they don’t come without their sort of catch and I’m gonna jump deeper into that.

Your data is yours!

Mobile applications that you use in your daily life manage to store your data while some of that is already viable knowledge, there is a good chance that data that you do not want is also being connected. If you have noticed, when you search about something in Google or something that you’ve spoken about, Google ads pop out showing the exact product websites or similar ones.

While it’s not harmful it also shows that if this data was easy to obtain then what about personal ones. Apart from this, there is a good chance that the application also keeps a track of your contacts, your camera, and much more making you vulnerable.

Crashes and then comes the burn

Well, some apps might be essential for a lot of people, for example, Facebook or Instagram ads help many enterprises/ startups, etc but what happens when they crash? The loss is inevitable. The point is that by using the application one has solidified their platform/product and the plan to advertise/ market it. But the moment the application crashes or has bugs it might affect the overall condition of the users.

The common applications that we use today such as apps used for online payments have become so widespread that if they crash, it affects a lot of business people and also the public users.

Application Closure

Well, when one is too engrossed in using a specific application then what would happen if such the same application has ceased to exist for whatsoever reason? Then think about how difficult it would make everything for the daily users who benefit from that particular application.

Dependency on an application by itself is leaving oneself vulnerable. Completely eliminating the application would affect a vast majority of people.

In clear conclusion, it is quite apparent that we have become dependent and quite used to how applications have managed to make our life much easier. However, we forgot that there is a good chance they may cease to exist causing a huge side-effect.

So with that being said this blog speaks about how it would be better if one does not become too dependent on applications and prevent themselves from exposing their vulnerability. Well, keeping everything under your limit is always a benefit for you!

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