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Top ten tips for setting up your PC for Web UI development

If your job role involves activities like “web page scripting, AJAX, interactive user interface development, HTML content rendering, rich content website development and whatever...

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XML Rendering – Tools and Options

A short overview on some of the XML rendering tools that i have experimented with.
While the applications of XML is a very broad...
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Inplace or On-the-fly editing of Java webapp’s

While developing and testing the Java EE web applications, people often needs a way to immediately web-view the changes that they have made in...
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Appfuse 2.0 Review

A short review on Appfuse 2.0 from a developer perspective.
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Comparing Apache FOP with iText

A brief comparision between Apache FOP and iText, especially when to use it for a Java based project. I have also included a small...
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Flex Beyond – eForms

A short note about J2EE with Adobe LiveCycle.
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Make your Scrum Team Sync-n-Happy

I had an opportunity to work as a "Scrum Master" (SM) on one of my last few projects. It was lot of fun...
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Agile NCR 2008 Conference – India

On 8th March, the Saturday Xebia India is organizing "Agile NCR 2008 Conference" hosted by Ansal Institute of Technology in Gurgaon, India. Its...
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Importance Of Attitude in Agile Projects

With my recent experience on Agile-Scrum based projects, I started realizing how important is "Attitude" of the person involved in an agile team...
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Book Review: Adobe AIR for Javascript Developers

I was trying to learn Adobe AIR and was looking for some good set of learning resources. I found the book "Adobe AIR...

Get IP address of webservices client – Apache Axis for Java

A small code snippet to get the ip address of the webservices client invoking Apache ...........
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The project location is not fully trusted by .NET

While using MS Infopath 2003 with VS.NET 2003...
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