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Rendering options in PhantomJS

Recently, we got a chance to learn about PhantomJS. It’s a great tool for front-end testing and also contains interesting features like screen captures,...
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Geolocation in Cordova Application

Recently I started developing Mobile applications using Apache Cordova. In this blog, let me share how we used the Geolocation plugin in Cordova application...
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Using Facebook Realtime Updates in Ruby on Rails

Recently I got chance to try Facebook real time API in one of our project. Realtime Updates enables applications to subscribe to changes in...
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Tools Supporting Responsive Designs

Responsive design is an approach for providing a single web codebase for multiple devices like desktop, tablets and smartphones (and sometimes mobile phones). There...
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Continuous Integration in Rails with Jenkins

Jenkins is an open-source Continuous Integration tool and it is easy to integrate in Rails project. A CI package will run automated tests on...
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Open Native Maps App From A Rhodes Application

Recently I tried Rhodes MapView in a sample application. While using rhodes we have situations to use native Maps application that is installed in...
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