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Integration Testing with Webrat, RSpec (and Authlogic)

Recently I tried to write the integration tests for a Rails app which uses Authlogic for authentication. We decided to use RSpec for unit and functional testing, and Webrat + RSpec combo for integration testing. That means Webrat with Rspec

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Agile NCR 2008 Conference – India

On 8th March, the Saturday Xebia India is organizing “Agile NCR 2008 Conference” hosted by Ansal Institute of Technology in Gurgaon, India. Its going to happen tommorow and dont miss it.

This will be the first ever one day agile conference to happen in NCR, India (National Capital Region).

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Importance Of Attitude in Agile Projects

With my recent experience on Agile-Scrum based projects, I started realizing how important is “Attitude” of the person involved in an agile team…

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