Architects and Agile Projects

Balaji D Loganathan

30 sec read

I just finished watching the video “Agilists and Architects — Allies not Adversaries” that was presented by Martin Fowler and Rebecca Parsons during the QCon 2008 San Francisco conference and was published by InfoQ recently.
It was a very interesting presentation and highlights the problems that Architects facing while working on Agile projects. The presenters neatly addresses the problems and the proposes the solutions.
In particular, it focuses on

  • The problems faced by Enterprise Architects, Data Architects, Technical Architects, Integration architects while working on projects which got 20-200 developers.
  • Organizational problem than the people (Architects, Developers) problem
  • How Agile way of project tracking and metrics, TDD coding, refactoring can help to resolve the problem
  • How Architects can as a Stakeholders for Business
  • The importance of Enterprise Architect
  • Importance of understanding the entire development process and so on screenshot
Don’t miss to watchout the video.

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