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Do your team really involves in Brainstorm session?

Hi Techies, do your teammates really participate in a Brainstorm session. With my experience, I say that it would be great if every team...
1 min read

Process is an Art in Agile

Software lets us bring new and innovative ideas to life easily. Today we use plenty of applications in our personal and work life. With...
karthikeyan S
2 min read

Rails vs Other Platforms

I came across an interesting discussion happening in Linked In RoR group with the topic RoR compared with other development platforms.. Lets see how...
Balaji D Loganathan
1 min read

Dunnitt on Rails on Agile – Part -I

We have recently launched the pre-beta version of Dunnitt ( Like how Twitter is for micro-blogging, Dunnitt is for micro-collaboration. You can check the...
Balaji D Loganathan
1 min read

Ruby Way of Showing Interest

Recently we saw an advertisement for a Rails Developer contract job in one famous Rails website. The potential client posted a small puzzle in...
Vamsi Krishna
22 sec read

Architects and Agile Projects

I just finished watching the video “Agilists and Architects — Allies not Adversaries” that was presented by Martin Fowler and Rebecca Parsons during the...
Balaji D Loganathan
30 sec read

Agile People Managment

Recently, there was one cool discussion in eXtreme Programming yahoo group about “Agile People Management”. Some one raised a question about the concept of...
Balaji D Loganathan
19 sec read

Agile Can Save You and Your Company

Clarke Ching has written a book “Rocks Into Gold Pocket Book“. This book is about a programmer who saves his job, his colleagues’ jobs,...
Neelkanth Ram
40 sec read

Test Your Build, Otherwise Get Rotten By Hitler

One funny video going around in Internet (Youtube) with the title “The downfall of Agile Hitler”. If you haven’t watched it yet, do check...
Balaji D Loganathan
5 sec read

Scrum Product BackLog on Google sites

I usually keep the Scrum Product BackLog (PBL) on an Excel sheet and share it across the project members. It has its own pros...
Balaji D Loganathan
21 sec read

Event: Fallacies of Agile Development – By Venkat Subramaniam

On 20th April 2009, Venkat Subramaniam will speak on Fallacies of Agile Development at Gandhinagar, Adyar, Chennai. For registering your free seat, please visit...
Balaji D Loganathan
7 sec read

Chennai Agile Seminar – Cutting Cost Through Agile

Agile Seminar in Chennai
Balaji D Loganathan
42 sec read