Event: Fallacies of Agile Development – By Venkat Subramaniam

Balaji D Loganathan

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  1. Hi Raj, Gautam & JUGIt was a exiting day for me. Never tohught it’s going to be so interesting. Everyone who participated had a good attitude, I think thats one of the reason for the success.I want to thank Dr.Venkat Subramaniam for guiding us and patiently answering our questions. Thank you Raj for making coderetreat possible in Chennai. Thanks to Jeyanthan for organising the venue.Some more points,1. By the end of every iteration, we were able to come closer(mirage) to the solution.2. The number of methods/functions we had in mind got lesser and lesser during every iteration.3. Its not just about understanding(overview) the problem(Game of Life), but also our level of understanding it. The more deeper we go, we get more clarity on what we should program/design/logics. So the number of methods,variables,lines of code reduced. Initailly this flow of idea happens slowly, the day when all of these happen fast then we are good developers. Coderetreat helps us to reach that level.4. Coderetreat is nice exercise to our mind, which helps to understand any problem, go deeper, & solve it that too QUICKLY. 5. During a retrospection, someone mentioned that when he wrote the Test cases first, he learnt What NOT to do while coding. TDD really helps to AVOID mistakes while programming. Reduces the number of bugs in the code.6. People who participated in coderetreat can feel the difference from the next time they do programming. I could feel that.7. Among the four 4 rules of design, TDD was the problamatic one for most of us. We were not able to apply the idea of writing test even before coding was started. Venkatji gave us nice examples and the importance of TDD. Except the 1st rule, I was able to improve myself on the rest of the three(variables, no duplication, smaller code). Think it will take me some more time (weeks even months) to get to the habit of TDD.8. I was surprised at the end, when Venkatji explained how the infinite boundary can be acheived with the idea of a globe. Even its a short-cut, I enjoyed it.9. The fun starts, when we pair with someone who uses a different programming language,that we don’t know. That’s one of the place where we can know how good is our programming lanuguage is & whats new in other languages, the logics, number of lines,style of programming, how a small function/API in another language can solve the problem easily. Ex. Loops, UI, testing tools,etc,..10. In between the coding, there were some philosophical discussions too happening. 11. The Tokyo connection was nice interaction. Remember like they used Java, Ruby, python & small talk. Raj, think next time should try for a online coderetreat, connecting with people across the globe. You made CR possible in Chennai, so I think you can do a global CodeRetreat. Possibly with using Skype, G+, may be something new tomorrow.Thank you Gautam for such a nice summary of the day, I believe you have lot of observation skill and memory to write about all that happen. Memorable post. Even after few months when we read the posting, will feel like going back to that day. Thanks to every participant without you it wont be this much fun, 25+ is a good number. Since more people, more languages, more talks, more idea, more noise, more fun.Finally, for any event we need to come prepared, but for coderetreat DONT EVER COME PREPARED. If you do it then you miss the fun !!!!S Dhinesh Karthick

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