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Agile Adventures: A Tester’s Playbook for Quality Triumphs!

Introduction Agile development methodologies have transformed the landscape of software engineering, emphasizing adaptability, collaboration, and continuous improvement. Within this framework, the role of Quality...
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Top 4 Reasons Why ChatGPT Can’t Replace QA Engineers

The future is AI, as we all know. And ChatGPT is one of the best AI tools to emerge. ChatGPT is an OpenAI chatbot...
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Mailing the Data from Excel Sheet using UiPath

As people working in the IT Industry, we always have many routine tasks we do manually that can be automated to make our lives...
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Will low-code development platforms like Power Apps kill a developer’s job?

In today’s world, low-coding development platforms are used to develop software applications through graphical interfaces. Development is more accessible for users without technical knowledge...
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Mobile Automation using Katalon Studio

Previously in a blog that listed out the top 3 No code Automation testing Tools, I have taken the highest-ranked one and have decided...
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