Ranjith Varma

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Fancy Login screen using React Native

I have been trying to implement a login screen which is attractive and which has a standard and classiness in one of the React...
0 2 min read

Create Beautiful Charts in iOS using React native

Charts are getting important in our applications day by day , users now prefer diagrammatic representations that looking at a table and understanding the...
1 1 min read

Creating offline bundle for react-native project

As we know to run a react-native project we need to listen to the server, but can we do it like normal app ,...
2 1 min read

My Experiments on SIP SoftPhone for Android

I wanted to build a simple SPI Softphone for Android and started digging out the possibilities. As you know Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is...
0 1 min read

What I learned from Ryan Dahl's intro to node

From last two weeks i have been trying to learn node js when i came across this old video by Ryan Dahl where he...
0 3 min read

Implementing invite to app functionality for Facebook and Google Plus in Cordova application

To invite the friends on facebook and google is difficult in cordova app as it has to support through all the platforms; it is...
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