Appium Mobile Testing and Automation: A Next Level

Welcome back to Part 2 of our Appium blog series! In Part 1, we covered the installation process and the architectural overview of Appium....
Sarniga A
3 min read

Appium Mobile Testing and Automation: A Comprehensive Guide

An extensive guide to automating your mobile app testing using the appium test automation tool Automation testing is an effective way to improve the...
Sarniga A
3 min read

Katalon Studio-Intelligent Automation Testing Tool (Part 2)

KATALON STUDIO Katalon Studio is an intelligent Automation Software Testing tool. As we all know there are lots of free automation testing tools that...
Sarniga A
4 min read

Here come share an idea from the book about…

Nowadays, Testing is made with frequently changing software under the determined time stress of short iterations in iterative delivery environment. With the understanding of...
Lakshmi Priya
2 min read