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Hi Folks, I would like to write pros and cons of manual and automated testing from my experience.
Recently I have worked with a health care domain project. It got various features and after brainstorming, I wrote some automation script.
In manual testing, running the test cases each and every time will be time consuming process and its a boredom to the tester. So I thought of automating test cases using Capybara(an automated testing tool). It can run on test script in headless browser.
The result was like, it executed more than 30 test cases in less than a min using headless browser.
As I opted to automate my test cases for integrate testing, I saved lots of time and I gained efficiency and accuracy in my test result.
Pros of Automation testing:

  • Increase speed and efficiency
  • Better software quality.
  • Can achieve 3 R’s -> Reusability, Reliability and repeatability.
  • Can achieve coverage by validating greater number of Scenarios.

Cons of Automation testing:

  • Certain things cannot be automated by the tester. For e.g, UI/UX.
  • Initially will take time to learn and write test cases for various scenarios.
  • Automation testing becomes meaningless if the test requirement changes frequently. Even a small change in the UI leads the testers to rewrite the script.

I have done manual testing for another web app which is more like a CRM tool. It was time consuming process but I tested UI/UX efficiently. Manual testing has its own pros and cons which I have listed below.
Pros of Manual testing:

  • Allows me to perform random testing
  • Add/Update of new features in the application frequently can be manually tested easily.

Cons of Manual testing:

  • Time consuming
  • Less accuracy
  • Tester needs to repeat the test cases again and again.

As a nutshell, if we want to ensure quality on the application that we develop, both manual and automated testing should be performed. If we really care about the application’s quality and integrity, the tester should not think the way manual “or” automation. They should replace the word “and” in the place of “or”.
The true fact is both automated and manual testing does not disparage each other but intensifies one another.
Happy testing !!!

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