Simple Way to Integrate Arduino with LCD Display

karthick Nagarajan

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Internet of Things

You might have heard about this topic almost everywhere. Yes, of course, It is one of the famous technology in the past 5 years. We don’t need a brief explanation of this topic. But I am gonna share my experience and how I got inspired to do these things.

Actually, It started when I was a child. Yes, At that time I was really wondering about some electronic things. I.e. Remote control car, Brick Game 999 in 1, Tape Recorder, Serial bulb and etc. I got more questions like, How it was build and what is the mechanism actually used? something like that. But nothing I did understand.

Usually, if any small price electronic items ran into a problem, we will throw it on dustbin or waste mart. But in my home, I dismantle the electronic item and I have tried to take some LED bulbs, Speakers, DC motor, Battery holder, jumper wires like that. And using those things too I have light-up LED bulbs. That was my first experience with IoT 🙂
(Kudos to me! :p)

Later, I tried to fit some external speakers to existing FM Radio and soldering things like that. One day my uncle was strictly warned me to stop these things and concentrate my studies. So that became my endpoint of IoT. Then I stopped to do these things and I have concentrated on other things like state board, college, and sports, etc

And again Spritle gave a chance to learn IoT. I have spent some time after work hours. Actually, I would like to thank MY Office MD BALAJI for encouraging me to learn new things. And also my colleague Sivakumar and Prabha helped and support learning these things.

Here, I gonna explain How to display contents to the LCD display using Arduino Uno Board.


Circuit Diagram

I hope this circuit diagram will help to connect your Arduino board with display. You can use the breadboard to connect or directly you can connect like this. I would recommend breadboard is best practice for beginners.

Sample Code

Below I have shared a simple Arduino program for display contents from the LCD screen. So you can upload this program via Arduino IDE Software to Arduino board. You can check out here for How to upload code to Arduino Uno Board.

Here I have used two libraries for this program. You can check out here for more Arduino Library.

  • LiquidCrystal_I2C (We need manually install this library)
  • Wire (This is default one, we don’t need to install)
#include <Wire.h>
#include <LiquidCrystal_I2C.h>
//I2C pins declaration
LiquidCrystal_I2C lcd(0x27, 16, 2);
void setup() 
    lcd.begin();//Initializing display
    lcd.backlight();//To Power ON the back light
    //lcd.backlight();// To Power OFF the back light
void loop() 
    lcd.clear();// Clear your screen
    lcd.setCursor(0,0); //Defining positon to write from first row,first column .
    lcd.print("Spritle Tech"); //You can write 16 Characters per line .
    delay(1000);//Delay used to give a dynamic effect
    lcd.setCursor(3,1);  //Defining positon to write from second row,first column .
    lcd.print("Karthick Nagarajan");


I have uploaded some videos on Youtube related to IoT. This is my playlist for the Arduino tutorial. Please check out our youtube channel for upcoming videos 🙂

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