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Simple Tip for GitHub, Gems

GIT: To list the remote repo a git repo is pointing Try git remote -v or git remote show origin GEM: gem list rhodes...
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How To Start/stop Nginx on Mac OS 10.7.4

Install it using sudo brew install nginx Start: sudo /usr/local/Cellar/nginx/1.2.3/sbin/nginx Stop: sudo /usr/local/Cellar/nginx/1.2.3/sbin/nginx -s stop Help: sudo /usr/local/Cellar/nginx/1.2.3/sbin/nginx -h
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Run RhoConnect On Two Different Ports

RhoConnect uses Thin Ruby server, so the simple way to run it on two different ports is bundle exec thin start -e development -p...
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Ruby Tip8: No Method Overloading Supported in Ruby

As per design, Method overloading is not supported in Ruby. If you try the below example, you will get “`foobar’: wrong number of arguments...
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Ruby(RoR) Tip5: Install jrails; Avoid Plugin Not Found in Windows

If you are using MinGW version of Ruby and trying to install plugins like jrails or paperclip, then you might face with the problem...
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Web Design Tips for Developers

Lets say You are a developer and not a professional web designer. You are in the process of helping your customer to design the...
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List of Source Code Management Tools

At our company we use both SVN and GIT. I didn’t know that there exist many such SCM tools. Thought I would list them...
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Retain Newline Characters on Rails View

In Rails view, if you want to retain and display newline characters that was entered by the user in text area, then the simple...
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Ruby on Rails Development Tips

Its been a couple of months that I started developing commercial projects using Ruby on Rails. Here are some stuff I learned which might...
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Advanced Online Presentation Sites

I stumbled upon two cool online presentation maker sites and started using it for most of my presentations. They are zooming online presentation)...
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Unit Testing in Rails

Before I jump in to saying how to write unit testing in Ruby on Rails, let me share what i felt about testing. When...
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Agile Can Save You and Your Company

Clarke Ching has written a book “Rocks Into Gold Pocket Book“. This book is about a programmer who saves his job, his colleagues’ jobs,...
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