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Deep linking between Native Android and React Native

  We are working with two different apps, one is native built with Android Java and the other built with React Native. One of...
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How to set custom font in XML file?

In this post, We detail how to set custom font in Android O ( API level 26) and best way of do it. Right...
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How to Override Hardware Button in Android

Recently we developed an Android app that controls usage of other apps that already installed on a particular device. Example:, we can block listed...
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Show an Alert in iOS 10-Swift 3.0 After Making a RestFul API Call

Recently we were developing a simple iOS 10 app to send/receive data to a RESTFul API. All we wanted to do was, simple make...
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UnPacking Chrome OS Stick and Play It on HDMI TV

Recently our company bought AXUS Chromebit for one of our digital signage project and here is what it looked when I unpacked it to...
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Embed Responsive Webpages in a React-Native App

Embedding a responsive website on a mobile app helps us to show dynamic content without the need to go and edit the actual mobile...
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