AI Voice Bots: an easy solution for your Hospital’s automation needs.

Syed Irfaan

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Back in the day, there used to be only a few different ways we could acquire certain services and some of them took quite some time. Now times have started to change and we’ve entered an era where the need for making calls to book appointments, the hassles of standing in line for reports, regular checkups, and things that usually took up time can now all be done within a few minutes.

There are questions and there are solutions but then there is a disrupter that we like to call the reason.


What you need to know:

Voice bots are AI-powered software that helps you navigate through your tasks in a smooth and viable manner. The world is quickly evolving and the way companies work is rapidly changing. Now we no longer need to go to the pharmacy to get our medicines instead we just need to place an order online and within a few hours, it’s there.

Now back to the topic of voice bots, they are programmed in such a way that they have set explanations and answers for FAQs and can be regularly updated. In the medical field, they play a crucial role in gathering patient data and keeping a track of their medical record followed up by frequent checkups over a call.

Solutions are only good as their application and if there is implementation then what purpose does it serve?



Now consider this for a second, we’ve always dreamt of a future where things were way easier and where humans would have all their tasks easily manageable well this is but a start. Artificial intelligence is but the beginning, imagine never having to have a lengthy conversation with a nurse, well all that struggle is in the past because these voice-bots will reduce the significant burden that the nurses carry on their shoulders.

Actions speak louder than words but numbers make more sense on the scale.


Stats and Facts:

As of today, the automation of the medical market has been something that has been frequently changing and this is but another one it is reported in certain studies that over 47.1 percent of patients find AI voice-bots more convenient.

Given that the AI market has gone from a mere 600 million industry into a whopping 6662 million dollars in just over 6 years. The scope for this market is beyond our wildest imaginations and so many different fields have already started implementing them so it would be in the best interest that hospitals get comfortable with the idea as well.

The wisdom that lacks closure is within the grey area because that is where the conflicted drop their views.


Voice-bots are the Future:

Now whether we are ready to acknowledge the shift that’s going or not is the question but are we prepared to move into a world where our basic needs are simplified and made easier, are we ready to experience the comfort of doing all our daily tasks with a mere touch of a button? Are we ready for making our hospital visits way more efficient, hassle-free, and most important well managed?

Well, we have no clue but one thing is for sure and that is voice-bots is here to stay although they may cause some discord, the pros greatly outweigh the cons.

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