Can Voice technology replace IVR in Hospitals?

Navigate the Future of Hospitals with Conversational AI To start with first, let us all know what actually Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is. You...
Prabhu M
2 min read

Virtual Voice Assistants Era- Are the hospitals ready?

Hospitals have always been evolving and changing. This has been going on for quite some time now as we’ve got way more advanced methods...
2 min read

AI Voice Bots: an easy solution for your Hospital’s…

Back in the day, there used to be only a few different ways we could acquire certain services and some of them took quite...
Syed Irfaan
2 min read

The Rise of On-Demand Healthcare

In the current world, On-Demand services order a Technology-Driven World. The healthcare industry is undergoing rapid transformation and they inherently strive to improve the...
Shreyas Nair
1 min read