Virtual Voice Assistants Era- Are the hospitals ready?


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Hospitals have always been evolving and changing. This has been going on for quite some time now as we’ve got way more advanced methods of treatment, surgery, and other procedures that require precision, placement, and timing.

Although the old methods were effective there was always a chance of possible mistakes because we humans are not without a flaw. There used to be a time when there used to be no cure for cancer and it would lead to fatalities, but today it’s curable as long as it is not in its final stages. So yes, we have been evolving.

Now the topic of Voice-bots and chatbots pose a valid question one that needs an answer and hence this long will try to elaborate more on that. Hopefully, this will clear any lingering doubts that our fellow readers might have about this topic.


The human race has always been evolving from the invention of lightbulbs to the discovery of gravity to the revelation of vaccines and much more. We have always had growth in every field but why do we doubt things in the field of life and death?

Well, the question has an answer. It is a gamble of one’s life to rely on technological equipment to give them a fleeting chance. The truth of the matter is that machines make fewer to nil mistakes compared to men.

Now in the case of chatbots or voice bots, they are something that is quite recent and their implementations are limited to vocal or written communication. The benefit of using these mediums of communication is that it reduces the hassles that one has to go through to make appointments or regular check-ups. The chatbox services might have minor inconveniences but the pros are certainly more than the cons.

The Voice-bot with a mind

AI-operated Voice Bots help in keeping the workflow of a hospital stable sound and smooth. It almost takes over the duty of what a nurse would do and keeps taking regular checks about details such as sleep, temperature, etc.

The use of this would help improve the efficiency of the hospital by allowing a higher rate of patients as they can be treated faster and unlike previous methods of medical record storage this type would ensure no errors and it would remain monitored by the voice-bot.

To conclude, hospitals are ready for a new era, the rise of a new technological period where the efficiency and quality of service, and attention to detail are massively increased. The importance given to the detail and precision of treatment is graded way higher than before.

A new period where nurses have an easier time dealing with patients and don’t need to run around from one corner to another in confusion and no more waiting for hours for an appointment. Voice Bots help you to set a clear work path for both trivial & non-trivial operations.

Did you know that Voice Bots can be configured in multiple languages with just a few steps and clicks? Yes, they can be, but you all know that a coin has two sides right?

Follow our blogs to know more about the pros and cons of Voice Bots used for multiple languages. Until then, keep expecting the best from us.

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