Fix for ActiveRecord::ConnectionNotEstablished with acts_as_votable gem (0.5.0) on Rails…

When we were building the app we faced a certain issue with the acts_as_votable gem (~> 0.5.0) with Rails ‘3.0.19’. We got the...
Steve Robinson
1 min read

Built Windows Mobile 6.5 Apps Using RhoMobile Suite 4.0

We successfully managed to build Windows Mobile 6.5.3 apps using RhoMobile 4.0.0.beta.28 suite. Here is what I found on my way.
1 min read

More about observable arrays in Knockoutjs

ObservableArray is a nice way to update a collection in Knockoutjs, if we want to repeat certain UI sections like name of the products...
Surendran Sukumaran
1 min read

Make Parallel HTTP Requests Using Typhoeus

Parallel http request using Typhoeus and Httparty. Typhoeus took 0.99148906 seconds Httparty took 3.370132528 seconds You can find the gist at
Balaji D Loganathan
9 sec read

Image Uploading With Rhodes, RhoConnect & Rails3

Recently I working on an app project which involves uploading and transferring images from smartphones to Web and vice-versa. My stack was Rhodes, RhoConnect,...
1 min read

Using Facebook Realtime Updates in Ruby on Rails

Recently I got chance to try Facebook real time API in one of our project. Realtime Updates enables applications to subscribe to changes in...
Rajeswari K
2 min read

Comparision of Cross-Platform Mobile Frameworks

From past one year, I have been working on cross-platform mobile frameworks. Thought I would share my point of views in it. Today Mobiles...
1 min read

Encode/DeCode Image to base64 in RhoMobile Apps

Encoding Image to base64 string Rhodes comes with base64 library which helps to convert image to base64 string. Lets see how.
Sivakumar V
46 sec read