My Journey at Spritle!

Hi! I am Siddharrth. I work as a Business Analyst in the Spritle services team for the past 5 months. I’ll start by providing...
Siddharrth Karthikeyan
3 min read

My visit to ManageEngine Mumbai UserConf 2023!

User conferences provide an excellent opportunity for professionals to network, learn, and share their expertise with others in their field.  I recently had the...
Mano Raajashri
1 min read

Top 5 ITSM Trends To Focus in 2023

Hey everyone! Finally, after a big New Year party and an eventful first month, we have stepped into February 2023. So, with yes to so...
Sowmya Kannappan
4 min read

Streamline your React Native App’s configuration with react-native-config

React Native is a popular framework for building mobile applications using JavaScript and React. One of the challenges of building a React Native app...
Thilagavathi R
3 min read

ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus: an overview- Part 1

IT service desks serve as hubs of communication where users ask for assistance and receive IT support. They are also intended to meet more...
Ramesh S
3 min read

Fault Management Systems to Streamline Airport Operations and Reduce…

Hey Folks! We hope everyone’s having a great time out there. We all love traveling, and sometimes when we get bitten by the travel...
Mano Raajashri
3 min read

All about ManageEngine’s Partner Meet 2023!

Have you ever wondered how a ManageEngine (Zoho) Partner meet would be? Gazing at the Tamil cultured events, I cherished being at the ManageEngine...
Mano Raajashri
1 min read

5 Best Flexible Project Management Tools of 2023

The best project management app aims to improve the efficiency and productivity of the team members and it will improve the overall project quality....
Kishore Kumar
3 min read

What I Wish I Knew a Year Ago About…

SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) applications have a profound impact on the technology stacks of all types of businesses across the globe. Organizations need to use CRM...
Abinaya Gunasekaran
6 min read

Is Large Language Models (LLM) the future of AI?

People have needs for information and communication, both business needs and social needs, they largely achieve their goals by using the most marvelous invention...
Parthiban Marimuthu
3 min read

Boosting App User Engagement with Push Notifications- Part 1

Hey there! App success is something we need to plan for. The average uninstalls rate for an app is somewhere around 30% after just...
Muralitharan A
4 min read

Automate your releases with GitHub Actions

Hey everyone. Hope you all are into the celebration vibes and eagerly waiting for 2023. It is the same for me as well. Waiting...
Ajith Kumar P
5 min read