Project Management

5 Best Flexible Project Management Tools of 2023

The best project management app aims to improve the efficiency and productivity of the team members and it will improve the overall project quality....
Kishore Kumar
3 min read

Manage your project smoothly using

Managing work has always been a big feat and when it comes to an organization it’s even more difficult, I mean think about it,...
Sweadha D
2 min read

Don’t mess with your releases – Do Plan (Endha…

Recently we had a major version upgrade in our Healthcare project built using Ruby on Rails, We migrated from Rails 4.1.8 to 5.2.3 version,...
karthikeyan S
1 min read

Lean Project Management – My Experience At Spritle

Ever since I joined Spritle (1.5 years back) I started managing the projects as well as testing the applications. Here are my thoughts on...
3 min read