Deep linking between Native Android and React Native

  We are working with two different apps, one is native built with Android Java and the other built with React Native. One of...
Sathyapriya S
1 min read

How to build an API driven chrome extension

Developing chrome extension is fun. With the help of chrome extensions we can add more functionality to our web page or browser, we can...
Prabakaran Marimuthu
2 min read

Fastest way to download large files from AWS S3…

Install aria2. If you are on Ubuntu, you can try apt install aria2. run aria2c -x 16 -s 16 aws_https_file_url -x, –max-connection-per-server=NUM The maximum...
Neelkanth Ram
10 sec read

How to set custom font in XML file?

In this post, We detail how to set custom font in Android O ( API level 26) and best way of do it. Right...
Sathyapriya S
44 sec read

My Testing Experience with Healthcare Project

Hi Folks, I am working on a healthcare related web application. I would like to share few interesting things that I came across while...
Ashwin Sundarabaskar
5 min read

Process is an Art in Agile

Software lets us bring new and innovative ideas to life easily. Today we use plenty of applications in our personal and work life. With...
karthikeyan S
2 min read

Build and Run Rails Application with Docker and Docker…

Docker compose is a tool for running multi-container docker application. Container configuration are maintained easily with docker compose. Before proceed, know basics of docker...
Sivakumar V
1 min read

How to Override Hardware Button in Android

Recently we developed an Android app that controls usage of other apps that already installed on a particular device. Example:, we can block listed...
Sathyapriya S
1 min read

Crawling Image from google.

I worked on a project where we needed to get images of various products based on user interest. I decided to use Google to...
2 min read

How effective the QA process can be?

Hi All. I am a test engineer with around 2 years of experience. As a QA person, I am more concerned about delivering a...
Ashwin Sundarabaskar
2 min read

Mobile apps testing made easy with Appium Studio

“Appium testing made easy” is an Interactive One-hour Webinar. The Speaker had a great presentation. I got a chance to participate in this webinar....
Lakshmi Priya
1 min read

SSH Configuration for Jump (host) to remote server.

In this blog I want to share, how we used the jump host concept to : Connect to remove server via jump host using...
Sairam S
2 min read