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UX :: User Research – Strategic Approaches

In today’s digital world the requirement and usage of digital products have increased to unimaginable extent which in turn has given an exponential growth to the UX world and its habitants. Lets see my thoughts on doing User Research as

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Ionic Framework to get a native look for Your Mobile App

Recently I came across Ionic Framework, which is really good and has got very nice UI components and integration with angular framework, thought of sharing my experience and thoughts about the framework. Generally I use jQueryMobile as the UI framework

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A Brief Introduction to Node.JS

Nodejs And Other JavaScript A beginner like myself would have first come across JavaScript when developing HTML Documents were we used JavaScript in a very basic way, adding interactivity to our web pages. We then started to build complex web

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Comparing GoogleMap and Mapquest Integration on Android

There are many blogs around the web for android and MapQuest implementation, here I am trying to summarize the benefits and drawback of them.

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Comparision of Cross-Platform Mobile Frameworks

From past one year, I have been working on cross-platform mobile frameworks. Thought I would share my point of views in it. Today Mobiles are part of daily life. It is big chanllenge to develop high performance mobile applications that

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Consume SOAP Service from RhoMobile (iPhone, Android, WM and so on) apps

We wanted to consume simple SOAP based web services from the iPhone, Android applications using RhoMobile framework. We dont want to use Savon as it got too much dependency to become rhodes-ruby extension. Just thought lets write the raw soap

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Consume SOAP WebServices Using Ruby With Savon

Recently, we had a task of consuming a SOAP based web serivces which sends and receive complex objects.

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Selenium Integration with Rails Application

Selenium is a suite of tools to automate web browsers across many platforms. It runs in many browsers and operating systems and it can be controlled by many programming languages and testing frameworks. I have used Selenium 1 (Selenium RC)

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Bindings in Mozilla Browsers

Mozilla browsers provide bindings to achieve certain features like the text-overflow: ellipsis style. XBL(XML Binding Language) provides a way to bind selected elements using specific CSS2 property -moz-binding.

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Google Map Resize Issue with Version 3

Recently, I came across problem where the Google map was not resizing itself to its container when I select a new location or load the page for some events.

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