Animations with Angular js

In this post i would like to share my experience on trying to integrate animations with angular js and how i managed to finally get it done. So when i first started with my project and decided to have animations

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Mounting an S3 Bucket Using FUSE

Have you ever wanted to interact with your Amazon S3 bucket just like how you deal with the directories in the file system without having to mess around with an API? I recently came across a really cool tool that

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RackRewindableInput lock file not found – Solution

We were doing some crazy things with our staging server and it ran out of space which we did not notice because of the lack of monitoring on this instance. When our Q/A tried accessing the server later on the

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How To Upload Large Files Using AngularJS, Rails and Delayed_job

In this blog I am going to share my experience in AngularJS file upload. I wrote rails application that will import CSV file data using Ruby’s built-in CSV library.

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How To Do Form Validation Using AngularJS

I started using AngularJS extensively on my projects and recently started using it on our Apache Cordova projects well. Let me tell how to do Form Validations in AngularJS.

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Secret Revealed: Why Ruby 2.0 Loads Files Faster

I’ve been working on a codebase which is Rails 4.0 and Ruby 1.9.3 and something that’s annoying about this app is its incredibly large load time. It takes about 26 seconds to boot up. bundle exec rake environment 22.22s user

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MySQL remote user access

How To Enable MySQL For Remote Access

We started using Qlik Views for our customers and we were in need of connecting to remote MySQL server for Data analytics. By default MySQL server let you not connect remotely unless we enable it. Lets see how we can

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My First Sip With Ruby on Rails Automated Testing

Hi folks, here I am going to share a few points about my experience in Automated software testing. My project is a web app based on Ruby on Rails. I started with selenium test cases to test the application. I

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Rbenv and Cron

In one of my projects, we are using the “whenever” gem for configuring cron. Also we were using Rbenv for Ruby version Management on the server. We created the schedule.rb file with instructions to run a certain rake task every

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Testing Restful APIs using Airborne gem

Nowadays the importance of Restful APIs has increased a lot for web and mobile apps. Writing API has been made easier and pretty good by some API Builders in Ruby. There are plenty frameworks and gems available for this. Some

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