Zurb Foundation – Disable abide validation on blur and change events

We widely use the amazing Zurb Foundation framework as a base for many of our projects. Zurb provides a lot of features and utilities out of the box. One such useful feature is the JavaScript form validation library which they

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Integrating Facebook Login with Apache Cordova

In this blog post, lets learn how to integrate Apache Cordova’s official Facebook plugin in to a project.

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Seed dummy data for testing

I have been working in a team that is building a Stock information management system for a large tunneling company. While testing the application, we wanted to load lots of sample data for performance testing, which can be hard to

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Book Review: Transform Your Habits

Name: Transform Your Habits Author: James Clear Link: I came across this great book when I was browsing through “TheNextWeb“.

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Top New Products I came across in Internet of Things

Embedded system is making significant improvements to our life and in particular when it is integrated with WiFi/Bluetooth and other data transmissions. It soon going to be part of us. As you all know people cannot live without their smartphones.

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Rails & Ruby’s answers to the Java world

We recently are dealing with a company which specializes in building enterprise Java applications. When we proposed to use Rails for a couple of applications they had a lot of doubts and questions. But Rails had a solution or answer

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Display Mobile App Version from RhoMobile’s build.yml

When we ship a mobile app for our clients, we always follow the practice of displaying the version number in it. With RhoMobile development, we use to hardcode it initially but we now have a decent way to show it

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Disable Multi-login by Single User

I was trying to disable multi login for single user using devise authentication and came up with this solution. Thought it may help someone.

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Fix for Setting locale failed – Ubuntu

If you get the error on your Ubuntu like perl: warning: Setting locale failed. perl: warning: Please check that your locale settings: LANGUAGE = (unset), LC_ALL = (unset), LC_CTYPE = “UTF-8″, LANG = “en_US.UTF-8″ The quick and easy fix is:

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