Ionic Framework to get a native look for Your Mobile App

Recently I came across Ionic Framework, which is really good and has got very nice UI components and integration with angular framework, thought of sharing my experience and thoughts about the framework. Generally I use jQueryMobile as the UI framework

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Protect Ubuntu 12.10 From Bash Vulnerability

You will find lots of solutions for latest Ubuntu (14.xx) and for Ubuntu LTS versions like 10.04, 12.04, and 14.04, but for 12.10, a beautiful solution was provided by Digital Ocean Community. Special thanks to GD. For easy reference, I

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A Brief Introduction to Node.JS

Nodejs And Other JavaScript A beginner like myself would have first come across JavaScript when developing HTML Documents were we used JavaScript in a very basic way, adding interactivity to our web pages. We then started to build complex web

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Geolocation in Cordova Application

Recently I started developing Mobile applications using Apache Cordova. In this blog, let me share how we used the Geolocation plugin in Cordova application and displayed the current location of the device.

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Facebook Realtime Update

We recently implemented Facebook’s Real Time Page updates and I would like to share my experience on using the Facebook Graph API.

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Zurb Foundation – Disable abide validation on blur and change events

We widely use the amazing Zurb Foundation framework as a base for many of our projects. Zurb provides a lot of features and utilities out of the box. One such useful feature is the JavaScript form validation library which they

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SpriteXchange sessions in August 2014

Hi Guys, At our office, every week we have a knowledge sharing session called SpriteXchange. Last month, Some of our colleagues gave such wonderful talks about a variety of topics. We enjoyed and learnt something new and interesting. I’d like

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Discussing some of the features of Rails 4.2

I would like to discuss some of the new features of the new Rails 4.2 in this blog. ActiveJob, ActionMailer #deliver_later, AdequateRecord, Web Console and Foreign key support are some noted features in Rails 4.2. Lets me go over them

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Integrating Facebook Login with Apache Cordova

In this blog post, lets learn how to integrate Apache Cordova’s official Facebook plugin in to a project.

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We are using the Testlink tool to manage our test plan, test cases and test reports. Its very useful for our testing process. TestLink is a web-based test management system that facilitates software quality assurance. It is developed and maintained by Teamtest. The application provides

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