May Month Chennai-JS Meetup Will Be Hosted By Spritle Software

The official announcement can be found at Chennai-JS Meetup.com. Two of our staffs (Abilash and Prabakaran) will be talking at this meet-up.

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Is Daily Stand-up necessary for an Agile project?

Agile development team would have come across this word “Stand up ” daily in their life. Yes  stand up is the first thing of the day before we start the work. And now what is this stand up and is

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UnPacking Chrome OS Stick and Play It on HDMI TV

Recently our company bought AXUS Chromebit for one of our digital signage project and here is what it looked when I unpacked it to play with our LED TV.

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VodQA Chennai   Apr 2016

What I learnt at VodQa – A Meetup For QA Enthusiasts

In this blog I am going to share my experience at VodQa event that was held in ThoughtWorks on April 21, 2016. The event had three sessions and each session was very interesting and unique. Let me talk about what

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Embed Responsive Webpages in a React-Native App

Embedding a responsive website on a mobile app helps us to show dynamic content without the need to go and edit the actual mobile code. Several apps like embedding web urls in to their mobile apps to avoid the long-cycle

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UX :: User Research – Strategic Approaches

In today’s digital world the requirement and usage of digital products have increased to unimaginable extent which in turn has given an exponential growth to the UX world and its habitants. Lets see my thoughts on doing User Research as

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Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 10.49.45 PM

Export PDF or HTML from Apiary.io

Apiary.io help you to design, prototype, document and test APIs collaboratively as a team. If you ever want to share the API documentation with non-apiary.io users as a PDF or Styled HTML, then you can copy the markdown format text from apiary

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Amazon KMS to manage encryption keys

Amazon has a service named KMS, Which is used to manage your keys, These keys can be used to encrypt/decrypt data encryption keys used to encrypt PHI or PII in customer applications. Mentioned in the AWS HIPAA Compliance Whitepaper. AWS

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Responsive Layout Automation Testing using Galen Framework – Part-I Installation

Testing a responsive layout in the web pages across different browsers and mobile devices is hard. A web page that contains lots of pages makes it extremely complicated. The time elapsed to test the layout for each page on all

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