Why should a developer avoid using React native for…

Hello, everyone! This is my first blog, I hope you all enjoy it. After all, engineers are great problem solvers, right? We are expected...
Vikash SR
4 min read

The Rise of On-Demand Healthcare

In the current world, On-Demand services order a Technology-Driven World. The healthcare industry is undergoing rapid transformation and they inherently strive to improve the...
Shreyas Nair
1 min read

A quick Intro to Spritle’s journey in Digital Healthcare

Trust your instincts and Dream Big is my all-time motto. You all might wonder why so many quotes to start with? Yes, we have...
1 min read

Build Multi-language Supported HealthCare Apps using Ruby on Rails

Hi everyone, hope all are doing good! This is my first blog and here lets see how a Healthcare Rails application can be used...
Karthika KB
4 min read

Penetration Test in Healthcare Web Application using ZAP Tool

Healthcare organizations may have technology and procedures in place to prevent data theft, but it’s difficult for organizations to find every security weakness. To...
5 min read

Can I Run Healthcare Business Logic Without a Server?

Yes, now you are able to run an application without your own server! I work for Spritle Software where we develop awesome web and...
Vinothkumar S
2 min read

Fresh testing in iPads- Responsive update reloaded

In today’s busy world, the websites are not just viewed on a laptop/desktop but mostly on smartphones/tablets on the move. Especially, when it comes...
Thulasi M
4 min read

Handle Timezone in Telemedicine apps using Ruby on Rails

Recently I worked on an appointment booking(Telemedicine) feature for one of our healthcare projects. Creating an appointment is all about Date/Time and the challenging...
Surendran Sukumaran
1 min read