Unit testing (Demo)

Introduction to the world of Cypress Automation – Getting…

Whenever we think of an open-source automation tool, the first tool that comes to our minds is Selenium. Of course, Selenium is software that...
Poojasree K
3 min read

Unit testing for AngularJS

I recently wrote unit testing for an AngularJS application. We know AngularJS is one of the most popular front end framework used by developers....
Thirumal S
1 min read

Ruby Tips 10: Using Devise Gem for API Token…

Ok. If you have already read the Devise gem wiki, you wouldn’t be seeing this, if not here is the simple way to do...
Surendran Sukumaran
27 sec read

Ruby(RoR) Tip4: Install rcov on Windows

If you are one of the victim who got the below error on your Windows machine… Building native extensions. This could take...
Balaji D Loganathan
43 sec read

Book Review: Flex on Rails by Tony & Daniel

Book Name: Flex on Rails: Building Rich Internet Applications with Adobe Flex 3 and Rails 2 (Developer’s Library) Authors: By Tony Hillerson, Daniel Wanja...
Balaji D Loganathan
1 min read

Rails vs Other Platforms

I came across an interesting discussion happening in Linked In RoR group with the topic RoR compared with other development platforms.. Lets see how...
Balaji D Loganathan
1 min read

Dunnitt on Rails on Agile – Part -I

We have recently launched the pre-beta version of Dunnitt (http://www.dunnitt.com). Like how Twitter is for micro-blogging, Dunnitt is for micro-collaboration. You can check the...
Balaji D Loganathan
1 min read

Integration Testing with Webrat, RSpec (and Authlogic)

Recently I tried to write the integration tests for a Rails app which uses Authlogic for authentication. We decided to use RSpec for unit...
Balaji D Loganathan
1 min read

Ruby Way of Showing Interest

Recently we saw an advertisement for a Rails Developer contract job in one famous Rails website. The potential client posted a small puzzle in...
Vamsi Krishna
22 sec read

Unit Testing in Rails

Before I jump in to saying how to write unit testing in Ruby on Rails, let me share what i felt about testing. When...
Neelkanth Ram
2 min read

Agile Can Save You and Your Company

Clarke Ching has written a book “Rocks Into Gold Pocket Book“. This book is about a programmer who saves his job, his colleagues’ jobs,...
Neelkanth Ram
40 sec read