AJAX and Java Frameworks

Balaji D Loganathan

48 sec read

The authors have taken good efforts to neatly introduce, analyses and compare various javascript tools specifically meant for AJAX.
The flow of the book is well managed and its very reader friendly.
This book is definitely a one stop reference for knowing what development tools, editors, libraries available for supporting AJAX in Java web applications.
Comes with 50MB examples source code. The source code has been configured to easily deploy and test using ANT.
This book mostly addresses the freely available AJAX tools.
Few drawbacks i found:
A lot of pages have been spent on describing and comparing between java frameworks, the authors could have avoided it since this book about using AJAX in java framework.
The code listings in the chapters (like html, javascript, jsp) were not well formatted, so it very difficult to read.
The authors gives more preference to JSF framework which is again not the context of the book.
Thats it.
Since the book is published recently(July06), this book covers many latest AJAX and JAVA Framework products, so its saves your time on finding a right tool
for your ajax based websites.
I dont want to write again the table of contents of this book but want to mention that you will sure learn all the bit and pieces that you need have for setting up a AJAX based java web applications.

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