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Integrate Google Ads in Apache Cordova Mobile Apps

I have recently implemented Google Ads for Mobile Application using AdMob by Google in cordova. Google gives nice doc about Google Ads implementations. I will explain you how to integrate google-ads using AdMobPro plugin.

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Why I left Big Corporates and Joined Spritle

When did you know it was technology all along? Why Software Development? My interest in software development started when I wrote small programs to help me with my math homework. I hated doing repetitive tasks where all you do is

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Things I learned in VodQA- Spot for QA – June Session

I got an opportunity to participate in VodQA meetup conducted by Thoughtworks, Chennai on June 23, 2016. It was a meetup meant for QA people. So I would like to share few things that I learned in the meetup. Deliver

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Fun begins here, Spritle Merry-making

Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first. – Simon Sinek Spritle has taken this seriously and we act accordingly. After all a healthy relationship is just an after effect of a happy team. Starting this month, Spritle has planned

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Lean Project Management – My Experience At Spritle

Ever since I joined Spritle (1.5 years back) I started managing the projects as well as testing the applications. Here are my thoughts on experiences and lessons I learned while managing and delivering a Mobile apps project from our UK

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Convert HTML to PDF in Ruby on Rails Applications – Part-I

Recently I worked for a project, in which we got a requirement of generating many pages of PDF which has text, table, Images,Graph and so on.We chose to go with Wkhtmmltopdf library which really makes our life easier, I heard

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Galen Framework – Part 2

Today, lots of automation tools are available in the market for the various testing purpose like cross browser testing, Responsive testing, load testing etc., We need to pick the proper automation tool based on the requirement of our projects. So

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May Month Chennai-JS Meetup Will Be Hosted By Spritle Software

The official announcement can be found at Chennai-JS Two of our staffs (Abilash and Prabakaran) will be talking at this meet-up.

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Is Daily Stand-up necessary for an Agile project?

Agile development team would have come across this word “Stand up ” daily in their life. Yes  stand up is the first thing of the day before we start the work. And now what is this stand up and is

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UnPacking Chrome OS Stick and Play It on HDMI TV

Recently our company bought AXUS Chromebit for one of our digital signage project and here is what it looked when I unpacked it to play with our LED TV.

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