Monitor Sidekiq up or down with Shell Script

Here is one simple shell script to check whether sidekiq process is running or not and then restart it. I am sure many of you were already aware of tools/gems like Monit, Eye, God and so on. Here lets just

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Convert HTML to PDF in Ruby on Rails Applications – Part-2

This blog is continuation of Convert HTML to PDF in Ruby on Rails Applications – Part-1 Bootstrap css load We used bootstrap css for our pdf design, it worked perfectly in our development environment, but when we deployed it in

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API Testing with iOS10

Show an Alert in iOS 10-Swift 3.0 After Making a RestFul API Call

Recently we were developing a simple iOS 10 app to send/receive data to a RESTFul API. All we wanted to do was, simple make a POST request to an API and display its result. When we tried it to display

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Business Analytics

Is Web Analytics Oversold ?

Web Analytics is a universal term, which deals with the study of the impact of a website based on its users. It is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of web data for the purpose of understanding web usage. Lets

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Eliminate Your Fears and Become an iOS Programmer

When did you know it was technology all along? Why Software Development? I started having an obsession with technology since childhood as it felt magical playing with technology back in those days. I wanted to be a magician, not yet another spectator.

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Speaking at Ruby meetups – a way of giving back to the community

Speaking at meetups is a great way of giving back to the community and so we always encourage our mates at Spritle to be a part of such events and give back something in return for what we got. This week

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Rails 5 — ActiveRecord Suppress — a step too far?

One of the new additions to ActiveRecord that’s gonna be coming out with the Rails 5 release is the ActiveRecord::Base.suppress method. I have some criticism of this new feature and would like to articulate those in this post. Before that

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Integrate Google Ads in Apache Cordova Mobile Apps

I have recently implemented Google Ads for Mobile Application using AdMob by Google in cordova. Google gives nice doc about Google Ads implementations. I will explain you how to integrate google-ads using AdMobPro plugin.

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Abilash Twitter image

Why I left Big Corporates and Joined Spritle

When did you know it was technology all along? Why Software Development? My interest in software development started when I wrote small programs to help me with my math homework. I hated doing repetitive tasks where all you do is

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Things I learned in VodQA- Spot for QA – June Session

I got an opportunity to participate in VodQA meetup conducted by Thoughtworks, Chennai on June 23, 2016. It was a meetup meant for QA people. So I would like to share few things that I learned in the meetup. Deliver

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